Monday, 23 December 2013

7 Dream AdWords Features That Would Make Our Lives Easier

Google is constantly innovating. Sometimes those changes make our lives easier, and sometimes they leave us scrambling to make adjustments to our PPC campaigns.  I identified 7 areas of improvement within the AdWords interface that could make everybody’s life much easier. Hey, we can dream right?

1.See Conversions Action Name Details in the Dimension Tab
This would be a great improvement because it would give advertisers a ton of information by just sorting information that the platform already has. This improvement could help you to:
  • Visualize the conversion action name data by day of the week
  • Visualize the conversion action name data by geographic area
  • Find out what times of the day are best for a given goal
  • Find out which goal performs well by destination URL
  • Anything else you can think of looking at the dimension tab
2. Adding the Google Analytics Columns in the Dimension Tabs
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the information regarding the bounce rate by hour, days, and geographic location right into the AdWords interface? This might sound redundant, but it is actually very handy in case of read-only access or simply to not navigate across two platforms.
3. Adding Keyword Type Selection When Adding Keywords from a Search Query Report
If you skip through a search query report in the live interface you are forced to apply the changes to the keyword type manually in the keyword field. It’s time-consuming and redundant. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply selecting a match type in a drop down menu and copy it to the whole list?
4.Schedule Different Campaign Budgets by Day Directly in the Setting Tab
Some people might have different priorities in terms of what to advertise and how much to spend based on the day of the week. For example, maybe you want to spend more on advertising for the two days before an event. Or, you want to spend more on the weekends when more people are active online.
Right now it is possible to apply bid adjustments by hour or day but it is not possible to allocate different budgets by day to the same campaign in the settings tab. The only way to do it is to actually create different campaigns. Not impossible, but time-consuming.  This would be a great add-on that would simplify how we manage accounts and reduce the management time necessary for some manual changes.
5. Google Forwarded Number More Countries
Tracking calls is becoming a  fundamental tracking method. It would be awesome if we could offer this service to all clients world-wide. Many people are expressing their interest in this function and I am sure Google has it in the pipeline. The Google forwarding number is currently only available in UK, Germany, and US.
What will you be able to track thanks to the Google Forwarding Number?
  • Campaigns and/or adgroups that generated calls lasting for more than a given time frame you set up in the AdWords interface. This will give you the information regarding manually dialed phone calls and it won’t include calls coming from mobile devices.
  • Identify keywords and adds that initiated a click to call type of click (the data is available under the click type option in the segment tab of both the keyword and the ad tabs)
6. Click to Call Conversions Targeted at Both Keyword & Ad Level
This point relates to the one I just introduced.  It would be fantastic if we were also able to track the call details at the keyword and ad level in order to be able to better optimize traffic. We could also add that it would be great to track click to call conversions that are not manually dialed at the campaign, adgroup, ad,and keyword level!
7.  Facebook & Twitter Social Extension
Right now Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to use social extensions that are only based on Google +. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show off the great work you have done with your other social media sites? I believe that the best way to move forward would be to enable Facebook and Twitter extensions.

This extension would give you the chance to add credibility to the business and facilitate the conversion process.


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