Monday, 16 December 2013

First Update in Over 10 Months, Google Toolbar PageRank Has Been Updated

Just a Few months ago matt cuts declared that he would be surprised to know an update to Google Toolbar PageRank by the end of Current Year. Despite him having said that we are here in December Google just updated their Google PageRank values this morning.
It is at all times a huge deal in the SEO community with Google releases this type of update for PageRank is the most openly visible metric available to decide the value of a website or blog based on how many quality links(high PR and related) are pointing to it. This December 2013 update is of particular importance because no one knows that it’s coming.

The last one update to Google Toolbar PageRank was back in February and support for it has been released on many browsers. This lead many in the SEO (Search engine optimization) industry to take a risk that Google was phasing it out. Today’s update saws that Google Toolbar PageRank is still Very much alive, at least for now.
Since Google PageRank is only for many elements taken into account by Google’s search engine algorithm it’s not more important to obsess over it too much Conversely, Google continuing to update it shows it still has value in determining the amount and global quality of links pointing to your website/Blog.
You can hear Matt Cutts explain a bit more about Google PageRank and how Google goes about more updating it in this video.
Has your website/Blog’s PageRank Changed since this morning’s update? Let’s me know by the post your comment below.


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