Friday, 6 December 2013

How to Drive Huge Traffic to your Blog?

Most common problem faced by Blogger is traffic. There are many misconception attached to Traffic sources like
  • Google is the only Best way for Traffic
  • Lots of content means Traffic
  • SEO is the only way to get traffic.
Top two points hold true but the third one is not 100% true. When a blogger starts blogging and he see other blogs which exist from years, they develop a myth that huge alexa rank and traffic is achievable only by writing lots of quality posts. Well up to an extent its true, but that should not be the way to drive traffic. In these posts I will write few ways by which you can build traffic into your blog.
Quality posts and SEO
Quality of posts determine the uniqueness and a proper SEO optimization of Blog and Blog posts will ensure that you will get lots of traffic in your posts. You should also understand the need of social media optimization and optimizing posts for search engine and readers simultaneously.
Social Networking Sites
Twitter is again a great way to make your posts viral, but marketing yourself and your blog on twitter is not as easy as it sounds, but on other hand it’s not as tough as it looks.
 Facebook has become one of my favorite tool to drive traffic. I have been using it successfully to drive quality traffic to my blog. Some easy ways to drive traffic from Facebook are
  • Networked blog application
  • Facebook Notes
  • Facebook Fan page
Facebook is growing with a great pace and if you do not start branding yourself on Facebook, you will realize what you are missing. You can also have a look at 13 Facebook application for bloggers .See Shoutmeloud Facebook fan page on the sidebar and you will realize how you can brand your blog or company on Facebook. 
Commenting is one of my favorite tool to drive traffic to my blogs. Commenting also helps in getting Free backlinks and create a relation with another blogger. It is a slow process but yes one of the most effective process in my opinion. I got Page rank for my newly created blogs in one month and most of the backlinks were created because of commenting. This is the simple reason I can suggest you to start commenting as much as possible. Though make sure you don’t write comments like “Nice” “Good share”. This will never create a good impression but will make you look like a spammer. Read my previous tutorials on
Social Bookmarking Websites
Social bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumble-upon, Reddit are good and most effective ways to drive traffic. But like always there are no free lunches, making your posts popular on these sites are not easy. You need to understand every social bookmarking websites and how to make most out of it. People love quality posts, and listified (Top 10, Top 25) posts are popular among such websites.

There is no easy and free way to drive traffic apart from buying traffic. But instead of spending money, easiest way to drive traffic is commenting, Social media sites like Twitter and facebook. If you have some time Digg and stumble-upon come to your rescue. Above all SEO of your blog and blog posts is the best way to drive traffic from search engines.


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