Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How to Submit XML Sitemap of Your Blogger Blog?

To increase the traffic of blog from search engine is the dream of every blogger. Search Engines are the most powerful traffic source for every website or blog. If our website is fully optimized for search engine then we have no need to worry about the traffic of the website. Powerful search engines like Google, send the lots of visitors to all websites. But the main problem occurred when your website or blog is not indexed by search engines especially by Google because Google is today’s number one search engine. Sometimes Google index the some posts of your blog and you get very few traffic from Google. In this post I published the solution of this problem. Google also said in its Webmasters Guidelines that submit a sitemap of your website or blog via webmaster tools to tell the Google about all pages of your website. In this article I am going to give you step by step guide to submit a sitemap of any blogger blog in webmaster tools. So read this post and submit your blog’s sitemap today to increase your blog’s search engine listening.

It is very easy to submit a sitemap on the other blog platforms of websites. But it is different for blogger blogs. Because Google Webmasters Tools only accept XML sitemap. Other websites create a XML sitemap and they upload it to their website and submit its link on webmaster tools. But we can’t do the same thing with blogger blog. So here are some codes which work as a XML sitemap of your blogger blog. So learn below how you can submit your blogger blog’s sitemap on webmaster tools to make your website more visible on search engines.


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