Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Top Most Popular Best Google Services

Google is a search engine which is developed by Sergey Brin and Larry page in 1996. First name of Google is Back Rub But in 1997 it changed to Google. Larry and Sergey book a domain in 15 September 1997 and it authorized on 4 Sep 1998. After that google provide so many services which help users who use google. Here some of the best google services:

1. Blogger: – you can create own blog and join blogger’s community. This service of google is free and people can share their thoughts.

2. Flogger: – You can search a products in term of type, price and location.

3. Gmail: – This is free google online email services. It allow user 1GB Storage. Gmail is most popular service which used to send messages, documents and media files.

4. Google+: – this is google social networking site where people can share pictures, audio, video online chat etc. In this social networking site people join community and share their thoughts.

5. Google AdSense: – this service paid to publishers or blog developers for ads which is available in their websites. In this service google ads is publish in websites and when user click on this ads google paid to owner of this website.

6. Google Adwords: – this is a way of google earn money through advertisement. Through PPC, CPM, Text Banner and Rich media advertisement Google provide Adwords.

7. Google Aliets: – With the help of this service you can create alert text messages and sent it to any email address.

8. Google Analytics: – this service is only for those people who run their own websites or blog. Through Google Analytics admin of website see total no of visitor come on their websites and it show location, keyword, landing page information how users come to your site.

9. Google App Engine: – Through This service users can create scalable web service using google resources.

10. Google Base: – this is a place where you can post any news and able to show on google search engine.

11. Google Buzz: - This is older google social networking site which is discounted now. Google + is the new social networking site of google.

12. Google Calendar: - This service help you to organize your schedule and share events in your friends.

13. Google Checkout: - This service is only for selling of buying products. In this service users and sellers can connect with each other to sell or buy product online.

14. Google Code: – This is used to show source code of any website.

15. Google Custom Search Engine: – this service allow You to create your own custom google search engine.

16. Google Docs: – This is free service of Google which allow you to open your Microsoft office documents and share them.

17. Google Drive: – This is Cloud Storage Service which is launched google 24 April 2012. In this service users can stored and edit their documents in Google Cloud(GCloud).



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